Almost there! -

We want to thank everyone for the comments, product suggestions and also appreciate those who have supported our brand in one way or the other… we are really grateful.

We spent all of last month sourcing for new accessories ideas for our beloved sisters, most especially the body accessories, and we came up with a lovely collection of “Earings”. And now we are armed with a collection of breathtaking, classy and traditional-delicate designs of flawless unblemished pearls and gemstone made with high quality materials.

Our products are sourced of from the finest producers of high quality jewelries. Also the most interesting thing about this collection is that we made provisions for all ages – from little sister kids to adults, we promise you its going to be pocket friendly, you just wouldn’t be able to get enough.

Our Earing collection will be going live from the 25th of March 2019 on the website Shop  and on the Earing Collection shop page for purchase.

We  would like to know what you feel about our newest collecion and how you would want us to serve you better.



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