How to Build Your Ultimate Hijab Collection -

How to Build Your Ultimate Hijab Collection

Building a Hijab collection may be somehow confusing and at the same time tasking, especially in this era of varieties of shapes, fabrics, colours and designs of hijabs.

Well, this post is made just for you, to help and guide you towards achieving a glamorous hijab collection for your everyday look- it doesn’t matter whether you are building your hijab collection for the first time or you just simply wish to improve or revitalize yours to suit your taste and lifestyle.

Several factors needs to be considered when trying to achieve this, factors which include-

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  • Fabric- The type of fabric you love with each having its own uniqueness and quality. (Jersey, Chiffon, Cotton, Viscose, bubble chiffon, Prints)
  • Colour- Your skin shade and the colours you love can must be considered, because these will serve as a guideline for you
  • Profession- The type of environment you work, either an Office environment or you are your own boss (Enterprenuer) is also a vital factor to consider when building your hijab collection.

After all these factors are put in place, we promise you that building or restoring you hijab collection will be a lot easier. Your hijab collection can be a source of pride and fashion conscious, so have fun while at it.




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