Saturday; Rest & Play

If you have no Confidence in yourself, you’re twice defeated in the race of life..Hello everyone… How was your night? Saturday is for #owanbe but because there’s no party to go and enjoy the #jollofriceandchicken…

Your girl will just be lazying around the house, and pressing phone… Checking Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp simultaneously or may  be reading if the kids allow me have some me time. Lately I have been reading a book titled…”An explanation of the last Tenth of the Noble Qur’an”. But guess what ? I have a lot of shouting to do

 … So I don’t know if I’ll have a free time..Later today I’ll be reading and explaning the beginning of life and Qur’an stories… In a book titled “Qur’an stories for little hearts, with my daughter…. After which we’d be  doing some Islamic activities in another book titled “My Deen”…Check @1strevelation for Islamic books for all ages, she has got loads of them 

…Then there’s a lot of cooking to do today, there’s no denying that… But Las Las I’ll be left with some mum time later at night.

.My glowing face ;courtesy @princessnaturals and a lil bit filter

… Am still on the journey to rejuvenate my skin after #childbirth , so there won’t be need for filter soonest

..My Hijab (smooth matte satin in gold colour) by yours truly @lolahstreasury..How will you be spending your #saturday?

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