What type of Hijab will match my Outfit?


Some of our sisters ask questions about selecting the right Hijab

for a particular outfit. Of course with all of the colours and styles of Hijab to choose from, who can blame a sister from having her wardrobe loaded from top to bottom with Hjabs?

This guide will teach you how to select Hijabs to wear with your outfit, no matter the colour of the outfit, occasion or season it is…

Step 1 

Consider the Colour of Your Outfit

Choose hijab colours that match with your outfit instead of choosing the outfit that matches your Hijab. If you are to go for a light colour, then a colour shade that is lighter than your outfit wont be a bad idea. Also if you prefer to go for a darker shade (if it isn’t too overwhelming), then a subtle shade that is darker than your outfit will do wonders.

Obviously, you can wear whatever colour of Hijab you feel like in as much there is no dress code to obey. You can as well consider a “Nude” or “Neutral” or even “black” colour Hijab, as this mostly goes with any outfit you match it with.

Step 2

Add Sparkle to a Plain Outfit by Wearing a Brighter Colour Hijab

A plain outfit always make want to select hijabs, but get confused what type of Hijab will go with it. You can add a pop of colour by wearing a sparkly bright Hijab or try a Hijab with a print/Patterned on a plain dress to give your look a pop of colour.

Step 3

Always Avoid Strict Colour Matching

Do not, I repeat… sisters, abeg., do not wear one solid colour from head to toe if you are the stylish type of sister who likes to look glamorous… please don’t!. If you have on a blue checkered or a multi coloured blue themed Shirt and a deep blue Skirt or pant trouser, please avoid wearing blue Hijab… unless of course you really, really want to. Consider a different shade, try wearing a rose or pink coloured Hijab instead of a Hijab in the same shade of blueeee!.

Step 4

Select an Excellent Colour for Professional Environment

You can’t match colours (different colours) to the office and be looking like a clown, or someone who’s just coming from a party… NO!, You can only incorporate colours if your office environment has less strict rules, but ofcourse not to over do.. you can always do with a cooperate casual dress code. Aside all these, a brown or black coloured Hijab is very much okay at a conservative office, also grey and navy coloured Hijab are very good for a White-collar settings.

Step 5

Choose the right Hijab for the Season

Be flexible with choosing Hijab fabric and colour in the sunny season, as this tends to add to the level of stress you have to go through… for example, you can’t be wearing a very thick e.g. Polyester or jersey fabric Hijab that is black or darker in colour when the weather is obviously hot. Same with wearing a soothing fabric and colour during the dry season. You can sure be somewhat flexible during the cold weather as your wardrobe also changes, but make sure to avoid the light fabric and colours during the cold season as it wont help keep away cold and wont match with the heavy colour of the season.