We’ll like to know you… -

We’ll like to know you…

The Founder of Lolahs Treasury

Hello, good morning… Asalaam alaikum… I’m Hameedat Sanusi @sunshineladey, a medical scientist /Modest fashion entrepreneur/blogger/web designer/… etc.

I call myself a serial Entrepreneur because I’m passionate about a lot of things. I’m also a married super Mum of 2 wonderful Allah’s gift (boy/girl) and am Nigerian.

I’m the brain behind LOLAHS Treasury (A modest fashion, Accessories and Jewelries brand)  you can check out our Jewelry collections here @lolahs_jewelry.I’m like every other mum, who shouts (oya sit down, oya come back, I’ll cane you oo, stop that… etc.)

 Clean poopoo, breastfeed, run to the market to get foodstuffs… amidst making sure the home is a serene environment and most of it all being an entrepreneur and achieving my dreams.

Although #motherhood is a very heavy task to claim… Alhamdulillah, May Allah Grant all GTC mum their prayers soonest bijaahi seyyidi l waraa… Ameen

Other things I love to do are :-

* I love to cook.

* I love to blog.

* I don’t like to shout but it has become a hobby.

* I can design a website and logo for you..

*I also love to go out and enjoy myself but I have kids who are always crying or needing one thing after another, to take care of 

.* I can also help match hijab colour with your outfit and style it perfectly..

* I also love to read, chaii… I read just about anything, and I have collections of books️, I shine my teeth whenever I see books..

* I also like to make friends and connect in a positive way ….

And lastly …*I’m just only 16…lols

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